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22 Years Later...

Twenty-two years ago today, amid a growing sense of euphoria, Romanians took to the streets to topple the totalitarian Communist government that had stifled the country for nearly fifty years. I remember being swept in that wave of optimism and joy, singing along to anti-communist chants, "Ole, Ole Ole Olee, Ceasusecu, Nu Mai E!". Everybody in the country that year received a priceless Christmas gift: Freedom. Twenty years on and I only remembered all this because we drove past the cemetery where I noticed a small ceremony taking place. After work, I took a walk to the memorial site and said a prayer at the graves of the innocent people who lost their lives during those tumultuous days. I don't think it's important to discuss whether any of them were, or meant to become, "revolutionary heroes". What's important is that they believed that Romania would be a better country if all its citizens had the liberty to decide what to do with their