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A Guide To Importing Your Belongings and Vehicle Into Romania

Jennifer reached out with some suggestions for new blog posts and I thought, why not have a guest blogger? Her post addresses several questions I've already received from readers and will be helpful to anyone who is looking to make the same move I made years ago. It is a well sourced guide, but keep in mind that when it comes to bureaucracy in Romania there are usually alternatives and variations to the process on a case by case basis. Jennifer Bennet loves to travel and to write when she travels. She also enjoys reading and a simple life with few belongings. Here is her guide to importing your belongings and vehicle into Romania. Smârdan Street in Bucharest, Source: Ștefan Jurcă via Flickr There are many reasons to make Romania your new home , when looking to change your country of residence. Romania offers free or nearly free healthcare to foreigners, as long as you work within the country. Crime rates are also quite attractive, with the capital city of Bucharest