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Why Did I Come Back? ( Part 1 )

I've been asked many times why I moved back to Romania, because apparently I don't look like the crazy person one has in mind when they think "Guy who left AMERICA to move back to Romania." In large part, that's why I moved back. But to give a proper answer, I first have to answer the question Why Did I Leave? 'America' (and Canada is generally just lumped into this word), is really not Heaven, Nirvana, The Land of Milk and Honey, or any other whimsical place that describe blissful afterlife or the ideal state of contentment that we like to dream of when things are going Pete Tong. Canada is a country, like any other, with many many people who, unlike many others, put careers, financial gain, and selfish desires above things like relationships, family, and morality. These people aren't monsters by any means, like it or not I'm no different, but I believe in introspection at all levels; I judge the place of which I'm a product while I judg

The Art of Not Blogging

It's interesting to note that when you're not doing one thing you're most definitely doing another. As a certain Lou once said, "you always gotta be doooiiin'" ( -Torontonians will get the full effect, you've been warned). So what have I been doing? In this great city there's always something going on, so at the beginning of the month  I attended How To Web, a conference with a very self-explanatory name. It was held in the bowels of Club Midi, and I'm only using the word 'bowels' because once you're in there, the sun really don't shine, not one bit. It was a cool atmosphere though and it was great to see there are quite a few Romanians involved in social media, entrepreneurship, and smartphone development. I saw familiar faces from TEDx Cluj and it felt like somewhat of a business and technology focused sequel. Other than what the speakers had to share, I also realized that involvement