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Why Are Eastern European Countries So Corrupt?

If you look at a map of Europe and superimpose Transparency International's  Corruption Perception Index atop each country, you will see a very clear line demarcating Western and Eastern European states according to the perceived levels of corruption within. Here is that image. The blue and light blue states are considered the least corrupt in Europe. Yellow and orange are somewhere in the middle, while the various shades or red and pink denote European dens of iniquity - and corruption. What can I say about Romania's light pink? At least we're not as bad as the Serbs, Ukrainians, Moldovans, and, of course, the Russians, who seem to be unable to escape that trademark crimson red. Good ol' Russia. You might think it has something to do with public sector wages, but, according to research comprising of data from the World Bank's Worldwide Bureaucracy Indicator and the Control of Corruption Index, this isn't necessarily the case: "Are bett