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Your Ticket Out Of Romania (aka. "Cum Sa Scapi Din Romania")

That's it. I've had it. I keep promoting Romania as a 'Land of Opportunity'. I write about the businesses that can flourish here . I keep saying, " Be the change " and, " Yes it can be done, even in Romania. " And, well, I'm not entirely wrong, but I'm more wrong than I'm right. Opportunity here is limited to an immature and uneducated market. You can have the best idea but once you put it in practice it'll likely come crashing down -you're just too early for this market, bub. You can be the change, but you'll be pretty lonely. Finally, even if you start a new business, it won't flourish. I know I sound bitter, wanna know why? I have a friend who's the co-founder of a promising startup. Over the weekend a client messaged him saying their bank was refusing to make transfers to a Romanian bank; too high risk, they said. He now has to scramble to add PayPal support to his product. I asked him what he's planni