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How Communism Was Good For Romania

Notice the title is not, " Why Communism Was Good For Romania". With that out of the way, let me explain 'how' communism did us a favour in Romania. When a country is run around a massive lie (ie. Reality = people are starving. Official stance = "Everything is great!") and the lie is so blatant that any fool can see it, it doesn't take long for the Average Joe to reach two basic conclusions: 1. "The government lies to me" 2. "The government doesn't have my best interests at heart" It's like cheating in a relationship. Once the trust is gone, it's gone, baby, gone. Romania went through three successive generations where the core of understanding around governance and authority echoed these sentiments. (Granted, there are some nostaligcs who miss the guaranteed employment and yearly vacations, but, as with any toxic relationship, nostalgics only remember the good times.) You might think that, post '89, this