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Why Trump is Winning America

How does anybody explain the Trump Phenomenon? Most opinion pieces talk about his fear mongering, an ignorant supporter-base, the disarray in the GOP, weak opponents, or his anti-establishment persona. The fact is, Trump is a polarizing figure, but he's never going to win the presidency (2019 Edit: Surprise, surprise, I was wrong! But everything else still applies). Still, that doesn't explain why he's come so far. I live in Romania. I only really hear about Trump if I want to hear about Trump. It's a blessing. I'm not saying that people shouldn't discuss a man who's making a serious run for the world's most powerful office. But people seem to be missing the bigger picture. Why did Trump get so big? I don't believe the 'perfect storm' explanation. How he plays on people's fears in a precarious geopolitical situation, how he's a straight talker in a world of political correctness run amok, and how he's not in anybody'

Five Years

I moved here with high spirits and low expectations. My official stance was that in one year, maybe two, I'd move back to Toronto. But in the back of my mind I think I knew there was no going back. Had that been an option, I wouldn't be here now - or wouldn't have moved to begin with. These past few years delivered the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Loneliness, broke-ness, self-doubt,  finding love, 'finding myself', reconnecting with family, making a new family, new life. Ultimately it's the sum of this baggage that makes you belong somewhere, and in five years, I've gathered enough to belong here. These are some of the reasons why: 1. When I visited Toronto last summer it felt merely familiar, not like a trip 'back home'. 2. I usually drive at least 10-20 meters before putting on my seatbelt 3. I learned how to do Romanian small talk. It's not about the weather or sports teams, it's about how something (w