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Out To The Ball Game

The real and only ball game in this country is the kind where the ball is kicked, hence, 'Fotbal'. The First League (Liga 1) is in bit of a shambles, there are way more scandals than matches, and generally the scandals are also more entertaining than the matches. Nevertheless, it gives the average football fan ('Microbist') something to get excited about once or twice a week. Watching a match live is still a novelty for me, I'd previously only attended Toronto FC games where the level of play leaves one wanting. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to see Steaua Bucharest play German side Shalke 04 during their opening Europa League group match in Cluj at the CFR Stadium in Cluj. There's not much of a story here, it was a bit of a dull game, but the atmosphere was right and I got some good footage, check it out!


What is the purpose of this blog? By all accounts, it's been a dead blog for nearly two months, languishing in a sad part of the web, abandoned and...not quite forgotten. It's been eating at me, because there is always a lot to be said about being an expat in Romania, and I haven't been saying it. Some snippets from the past two months: - Joining a cause worth fighting for (Rosia Montana) - Writing a police statement (dictated by the detective) - Applying for a new passport - Attending a music festival - Meeting lots of new people This only scratches the surface though, almost each day here deserves its own blog post. The problem is that there is no point in making this blog about my daily life, it's not actually that interesting and it wouldn't contribute to anything. So if I'm going to write a blog without a purpose, I may as well be flogging a dead horse. There is a theme to this blog though, and that's why it's well worth writing. I'