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Like-minded People

I'm about to leave on a trip where I'll probably do very little writing, if any, though it'll certainly help in fueling some future posts. The good thing is, there are other blogs out there doing my job for me, that is, writing nice things about Romania. Sure we all have our bad days when we bring up the less pleasant aspects of Romania living, but for the most part, we all have the same goal; sharing this wonderful country with others and, one way or another, trying to make it a better place. Of these, the stand-out tends to be my friend, the King's , blog. It needs little to no introduction as he's covered every facet of Romanian living from gypsies to politics and most likely at some point you'll have come across a post of his. Today though, I found a new blog written by somebody who's rediscovering Romania after first visiting in 1985. It was worth a read, and worth keeping an eye on. Here is: Bucharest Lounge

Lest We Waste A Moment

Last year at Easter I heard a poem whose every line was so full of meaning that I didn't want to forget it. I Googled it and then bookmarked it with the intention of sharing. It's been a while, but the day has come.  It's partly in keeping with the theme of my previous post and partly to do with the new year, whose quick arrival makes it feel as if 2012 was about a week long. I'm only going to say two things by way of intro: The poem is much more beautiful and poignant in Romanian, and now there's an English translation.  We if tomorrow It's so sad to ponder that someday, maybe even tomorrow, the trees in the alley where you now see them will remain merry, and in the meantime we'll decay So much sun, Lord, so much sun, in this world after we are gone cavalcades of seasons and of rain with dawns to cool it all again... And this grass will sprout again,  and the moon will set the anew,  in awe, over the water