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A (Very Brief) Year In Review

A post like this could start with dates, it could present a chronology of events, either public or personal, and finish with an optimistic outlook on the next twelve months; a forecast based on the perceived good fortune of family, friends, work, and the state of our world. But I'll go with a few anecdotes and some thoughts on this measure of time that, once passed over, becomes little more than an archive revisited by historians and nostalgics. What's done is done and all that sort of thing... There is a lot to be said for the theme of Community in 2015.  There were a couple of weddings and new members in the family, new team mates at work, a Greek tragedy (almost), Refugees, Colectiv, Paris. The theme of solidarity abounds, surprisingly more so in Romania where grassroots associations seem to be getting more vocal and civil society is starting to find its voice . There are, of course, also plenty of sobering reminders that most of us are far from being masters of our