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Romanian Rural Traditions In English

There is a village in Romania known for its cabbage. Well, not just cabbage; it's also known for pickles and pickling related activities of all types. When you drive through it on the main road, usually during a trip between Suceava to Radauti , you'll see small wooden stands in front of peoples homes. On these there is always an assortment of colourful jars with various types of pickles: cucumbers, peppers, green tomatoes, mixed varieties, and, of course, cabbage. Cabbage which comes either in the form of sauerkraut with carrots and cumin seeds, or by whole head - just perfect for sarmale .  If you're lucky enough to pass through during the harvesting season late in the summer, you'll see carts and trailers loaded sky-high with cabbage, more cabbage than you've ever seen in your life. It's kinda their thing, and it seems it's always been. Romanians take it seriously, too, nobody argues when you say the best pickles and the best cabbage in Romania comes f