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Romania's Rarest Commodity

In the West trust is taken for granted. The supermarket trusts that its customers are not there to shoplift (even if some do), the bank trusts that the customer is not there to conduct a fraudulent transaction, government institutions trust that the information they are provided by the citizens is accurate. If all these entities worked on the assumption that none of their patrons are trustworthy, the result would be an arduously slow bureaucracy and a society of people who are unable to trust others and who approach all situations expecting the worst. Basically, it would be like Romania. Here are questions I'd like some really good rational answers to: 1. Why do I have to show my ID every time I go to the bank? Why does it need to be the same ID I originally opened the account with? 2. Why can I only enter a supermarket at the designated entrance (in a mall)? What's wrong with going in through a cash register if nobody's in line and the entrance is far away? 3. Why d