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Reason I Love Living in Romania #58 - The 'Piata'

This is a topic I've discussed enthusiastically in my social life but I've yet to write about it. Most likely because it sits deceptively under that part of life we classify as "mundane". For hundreds of years farmers have brought in their fresh produce to various markets in nearby cities and towns. Most cities in Romania have one, or more, Piata agro-alimentare . They were there before supermarkets ever existed. Years ago, they were out in the open, but nowadays they are mostly found in large warehouse-type buildings with zero amenities other than the stalls on which the produce is displayed. Four things you will notice at the Piata : 1. The produce is not usually shiny, but that's because it's not been waxed. 2. It's not picture-perfect, but that's because mother-nature isn't a photographer. 3. Prices are low because you're not paying any third parties for shipping. 4. The seasons are relevant (ie. no cherries in Fall/Winter/Spring). It