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The Diaspora - An Interview With Andrea

I'm not going to say I'm out of original content just yet, but I've been busy...searching, let's say. In the meantime, my Romanian-Canadian/American friends are happy to contribute their time - and thoughts - to the blog, so who am I to kick a gift horse in the mouth?

Andrea and I went to University together, and when I asked her to participate in the interview she went on to provide an awesome set of answers to the ten questions below.

The Diaspora - An Interview With Eduard

Following the "Why did you come back?" series, I thought it would make sense to offer a balanced portrayal of the diaspora. Most of us don't come back and we have perfectly good reasons for staying away. In some ways, it was a bit of a fluke I made it back myself, and I imagine that many of us who do, don't always plan it years ahead of time. So, until we all kind of stumble back (where we belong ;) I figured I'd ask some people who are still in the diaspora what it's like being a Romanian away from home, and if they're planning to stay away.

Eduard got in touch with me a while ago after reading some of my posts. I find he has lots of very pointed insights into the differences between Romania and western society and when I asked, he was kind enough to take the time and answer the questions I prepared.

1. What year did you leave Romania and under what circumstances?

I emigrated in the summer of 1994, when the World Cup was hosted in Atlanta. I was 11 year…