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The Coronavirus Diaries - Freedom Day and Beyond

Freedom Day (F-Day) was officially on Friday, the 15th of May. The term is relative of course, but the knowledge you can leave your house anytime, without a declaration subject to verification by police or military officials, does feel like a type of freedom. I just couldn't take it anymore, the daily number of cases, the deaths, the drama, let alone write about it. I thought it would be interesting to sort of document how it all went down, but after about a couple of weeks all I wanted to do was work, cook, eat, sleep, repeat without thinking of the virus. Incidentally that is exactly what I did, and that wasn't worth writing about either. Still, it was a definite reminder that watching the news is a terrible pastime.
Personally I don't believe there was anything resembling a pandemic, at least not in Cluj. But okay, we had to make sure and be 'safe'. I'm sure someday we'll get to a place, as a civilization, where being locked in a cage inside a larger cage…
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The Coronavirus Diaries - Days 19 to 24

Wednesday - 8 April, 2020

I've lost some steam here, it's not at all surprising though, is it?

On one hand, I have plenty of time to write an update a day, but on the other hand I don't want to make this a personal diary where I just talk about how I mowed the lawn, stepped out to the corner store for a liter of milk, or saw somebody other than my wife when I picked up a delivery. Or that I work longer hours now and after hours I share memes on What'sApp. And that I cook all the time. I could probably write a cooking blog now that I cook 3-4 times a week, which is a solid 300-400% increase in cooking output. On Monday I made a rabbit stew, of which there are still two portions left. That rabbit was in the freezer since sometime in the fall, maybe longer.

In the meantime the cases are still piling up in Romania, but not in a dramatic Italy or Spain style fashion. The prediction is we're going to see our peak sometime in early May and the current emergency measures w…

The Coronavirus Diaries - Days 17 & 18

Thursday - 2 April, 2020

Before writing this post I had to spend a bit of time making sense of the timeline in these diary entries. I only wrote on Tuesday what I wanted to write on Monday, and, instead of 31st in the post heading I wrote the 30th, and, because I published it after midnight, the post date reads April 1st.  It was like trying to untangle a set of earphones after stuffing them inside a drawer for a few months. But I think I managed; we are on the second of April in the year 2020, and although we are on the 18th day of the Coronavirus Diaries, I'm including day 17 in the title - for a bit of aesthetic value in the series' continuance.

You know one thing that's really flipped on its head since this whole thing started? Weekends. It's still nice to sleep in a bit, that hasn't changed, but since you're not going to do much the weekends can be pretty dull while the weekdays, with work in sixth gear now that productivity has shot up, are the more event…

The Coronavirus Diaries - Days 13 to 16

Tuesday - March 30, 2020

The clocks changed this weekend. Guess what I did? I changed the clocks on the oven and the microwave. Is this schizophrenic behaviour? You bet. But we live in schizophrenic times. Normally a month would go by until I finally took the 30 seconds or so to change the clocks that do not auto-adjust along with the return to summer time, but guess what? I had nothing else to do!

I've stopped caring for the past week. Not about life, but about the menace clouding our entire planet. I mean, whatever. We all die, we all die. Again, I haven't given up, but I guess what I'm saying is fatalism isn't the worst  state of mind under the circumstances. And, you know, I kinda like that we're all in it together. It's better to go out all at once than with an audience of people feeling sorry for you. Again, I'm not saying we're doomed and we're all going to die. Really I'm not, it's just my way of thinking about Mr. Covid Virusescu ri…

The Coronavirus Diaries - Day 11

Thursday - March 26, 2020

This was the most bunker-like day so far. I haven't heard any news (okay a bit about Romania's Lombardy) How the doctors were treated like absolute garbage by the hospital administration and the ministry. How None of this is surprising given attitudes, and people are just trying to cover their asses. If it wasn't about the Coronavirus it would just be another day in Romania.

But I really don't know about anything else outside the walls of my home. I assume life goes on, I assume the corner store is still there, as are the surrounding buildings, the garages and the cars parked on sidewalks, the graffiti, and, hopefully, the people. For some reason I am imagining we are an extremely special case of obedient citizens who've been shut in for the past several days, but the reality is there are probably plenty of others like us. They see slivers of Cluj through their windows, all of us with our own little vista and that's about all we have t…

The Coronavirus Diaries - Day 10

Wednesday - March 25, 2020

After yesterday's episode of doom and gloom, here we are once again with the new normal. It has been decreed that the elderly are, in fact, allowed to leave their homes but only for two hours a day between 11AM and 1PM, or, if they are actually employed/working. They do have to fill out a form -as we all do - and so far the situation's been more or less under control.

The big story in Romania is obviously the unfolding drama at the Suceava Emergency Hospital where a significant number of the medical staff were infected with the Coronavirus. The other big story is that Romania is now near the 1,000 mark at 906 cases. It's a psychological threshold more than anything but here we are.

I've tried to limit my media intake to memes these past couple days because, aside from these restrictive measures, I don't like seeing headlines like, "The Hospital of Horror" while I'm trying to eat dinner, or lunch, or even while ridding myself…